Windhorse Associates

Windhorse Integrative Mental Health is a non-profit treatment and education organization with a whole person approach to recovery from serious psychiatric distress. Our services are individually tailored in close communication with each client and family. Read More Here:

Disability Rights International

Disability Rights International is dedicated to promoting the human rights and full participation in society of people with disabilities worldwide. Read More Here:

National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

NARPA‘s mission is to promote policies and pursue strategies that result in individuals with psychiatric diagnoses making their own choices regarding treatment. We educate and mentor those individuals to enable them to exercise their legal and human rights with a goal of abolition of all forced treatment. NARPA is an independent organization, solely supported by […]

Freedom Center

Freedom Center is a support and activism community run by and for people labeled with severe ‘mental disorders.’ We call for compassion, human rights, self-determination, and holistic options. We create alternatives to the mental health system’s widespread despair, abuse, fraudulent science and dangerous treatments. We are based in pro-choic harm reduction philosophy regarding medical treatments, […]

The Icarus Project

The Icarus Project envisions a new culture and language that resonates with our actual experiences of ‘mental illness’ rather than trying to fit our lives into a conventional framework. We are a network of people living with and/or affected by experiences that are often diagnosed and labeled as psychiatric conditions. We believe these experiences are […]


Celebrating 24 years of united independent activism for human rights and humane alternatives in mental health. MindFreedom International is a voice for survivors of abuse in mental health care. Read More Here:

Family Outreach And Response Program

The Family Outreach and Response organization offers recovery-oriented mental health support services to families. Our staff and volunteers are all psychiatric survivors or family members of people who experience extreme mind states often labeled as “mental illness”. We offer educational and support services to families from both a professional and a lived experience perspective. Read […]

National Resource Center on Psychiatric Advance Directives

Psychiatric advance directives are relatively new legal instruments that may be used to document a competent person’s specific instructions or preferences regarding future mental health treatment. Psychiatric advance directives can be used to plan for the possibility that someone may lose capacity to give or withhold informed consent to treatment during acute episodes of psychiatric […]

INTERVOICE – Community for Voice Hearers

Working across the world to spread positive and hopeful messages about the experience of hearing voices. If you hear voices, know someone who does or want to find out more about this experience – then this site is for you. Read More Here: