INTAR 2016 – Pune India Just Announced

SAVE THE DATES Trans-cultural Dialogues about Mental health, Extreme states and Alternatives for Recovery”, the next INTAR conference is due to take place in India from the 26th to 28th November, in Pune, India, in 2016. We’re looking forward to a gathering of activists, service users and academics – from Asia and from all over […]

Worldwide Protest of Electroshock May 16 2015

A worldwide protest against electroshock has been initiated by three shock survivors in San Francisco (Ted Chabasinski), Portland (Debra Schwartzkopff) and Cork, Ireland (Mary Maddock). Over thirty cities have signed up to stage anti-ect protests outside hospitals and government buildings on Saturday, May 16.   This is an issue that used to be more controversial, but […]

INTAR Conference 2014, Liverpool, UK. Power to Communities: healing through social justice

INTAR Conference – Toronto Nov. 3-4 2011 A Success — “Challenging Our Understanding of Psychosis and Exploring Alternatives for Recovery”

Challenging Our Understanding of Psychosis and Exploring Alternatives for Recovery November 3 & 4, 2011 University of Toronto, Hart House Registration and conference details to follow. Sponsored by INTAR and The Leadership Project. This conference offered a unique opportunity to hear from a distinguished group of writers, clinical practitioners, researchers, advocates and activists who are […]

Soteria Network UK – Alternatives Within and Beyond Psychiatry Nov. 11 2011 The Soteria Network presents Alternatives Within and Beyond Psychiatry A one-day conference exploring different approaches to thought and practice in the mental health arena to be held in: Derby on Friday 11th November 2011 at the Riverside Conference Centre 9am – 4.30pm International speakers will include: Robert Whitaker (US) Pulitzer-prize nominated journalist and author […]

Hearing Voices Network UK

If you hear voices HVN can help – we are committed to helping people who hear voices. Our reputation is growing as the limitations of a solely medical approach to voices become better known. Psychiatry refers to hearing voices as ‘auditory hallucinations’ but our research shows that there are many explanations for hearing voices. Many […]

Center to Study Recovery in Social Contexts

The Center to Study Recovery in Social Contexts is an NIMH funded grant to investigate the well being of people with serious mental health issues, especially those who use publicly financed services in New York State. The Center applies a perspective used in economic development, Sen’s Capabilities Framework, to guide research on recovery. We examine […]

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study

The ACE Study is an ongoing collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kaiser Permanente. Led by Co-principal Investigators Robert F. Anda, MD, MS, and Vincent J. Felitti, MD, the ACE Study is perhaps the largest scientific research study of its kind, analyzing the relationship between multiple categories of childhood trauma (ACEs), […]

European Network of (ex-)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry

European Network of (ex-)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry ENUSP is an initiative to give (ex-)users and survivors of psychiatric services a means to communicate, to exchange opinions, views and experiences in order to support each other in the personal, political and social struggle against expulsion, injustice and stigma in our respective countries. ENUSP is the […]