Worldwide Protest of Electroshock May 16 2015

A worldwide protest against electroshock has been initiated by three shock survivors in San Francisco (Ted Chabasinski), Portland (Debra Schwartzkopff) and Cork, Ireland (Mary Maddock). Over thirty cities have signed up to stage anti-ect protests outside hospitals and government buildings on Saturday, May 16

 This is an issue that used to be more controversial, but now there is more complacency, and the use of electroshock is on the rise.  The general message about this procedure is that it is improved, and that it is safe and effective.  This has not been demonstrated to be accurate and trustworthy. Instead, the most comprehensive study by psychologist Harold Sackeim and co-researchers shows that electroshock causes cognitive impairment, permanent memory loss and brain damage.  This iatrogenic procedure should be cause for alarm among health professionals; instead, it is widely used at the same time as little research is done, and the damning research that does exist is ignored.

 Please do check out the links and attachments and consider attending or organizing a protest in your own locale.  All of us in mental health should be more concerned about this issue.  Show your concern for the health safety of our brothers and sisters in emotional distress and join the protest, Saturday, May 16.


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