INTAR Conference – Toronto Nov. 3-4 2011 A Success — “Challenging Our Understanding of Psychosis and Exploring Alternatives for Recovery”

Challenging Our Understanding
of Psychosis and Exploring Alternatives for Recovery

November 3 & 4, 2011
University of Toronto, Hart House
Registration and conference details to follow.
Sponsored by INTAR and The Leadership Project.

This conference offered a unique opportunity to hear from a distinguished group of writers, clinical practitioners, researchers, advocates and activists who are foremost in their fields of critical psychiatry, psychology, education, journalism, community development and activism. Their inspiring work on psychosis, depression and recovery puts them in the vanguard of the push to transform mental health care.

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Conference Papers BentallDeconstructingSchizophrenia.pdf

Our Guests:

Robert Whitaker, “Anatomy of an Epidemic”
Richard Bentall, Ph.D. Deconstructing Schizophrenia
Sandra Escher, Ph.D. Hearing Voices
Rufus May, Ph.D Unusual Beliefs
Dr. Joanna Moncrieff, Psycho-Pharma Complex
Alisha Ali, Ph.D. Oppression/Depression
Dr. Michaela Amering Trialogue
Joe Goodbread PhD. Process Oriented Psychology
Julie Repper, Ph.D. Social Inclusion
Will Hall MAPW Psychiatric Drugs/Harm Reduction
Maria Haarmans CBT for Psychosis
Dr. Peter Stastny “Crisis or Opportunity”
and others

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