Soteria Network UK – Alternatives Within and Beyond Psychiatry Nov. 11 2011

The Soteria Network presents

Alternatives Within and Beyond Psychiatry

A one-day conference exploring different approaches to thought
and practice in the mental health arena to be held in:

Derby on Friday 11th November 2011
at the Riverside Conference Centre
9am – 4.30pm

International speakers will include:

Robert Whitaker (US)
Pulitzer-prize nominated journalist and author of ‘Mad in America’ and ‘Anatomy of an Epidemic’

Jaakko Seikkula (Finland)
Psychologist and psychotherapist – developed the ‘Open Dialogue’ approach to treating psychosis

UK–based speakers will include:

Richard Bentall
Professor of Psychology, University of Liverpool and author of ‘Madness Explained’ and ‘Doctoring the Mind’

Sonia Johnson
Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry,
University College London

Before 30/09/2011: Waged/Organisation £100, Unwaged £25
After 30/09/2011: Waged/Organisation £130, Unwaged £30

There are a limited number of free places for those unable to meet the cost.
Please contact us personally to arrange this.