Antipsychotic medication, mortality and neurodegeneration: The need for more selective use and lower doses – Weinmann & Aderhold

Introduction: Although a range of adverse effects of antipsychotic medication are well documented, less attention has been paid to the issue of reduced life expectancy.

Method: The medical literature was searched to identify studies assessing severe somatic side-effects of long-term antipsychotic treatment with a possible impact on mortality, and studies evaluating antipsychotic-associated brain structure changes.

Conclusion: Antipsychotics should be used more selectively, for shorter durations and with lowest possible effective dose. Greater use of psychosocial interventions that have been proven effective should be an integral part of facilitating reductions in frequency, dosage and duration of antipsychotics.

Psychosis, Volume 2, Issue 1 February 2010 , pages 50 – 69

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