Announcement: Rethinking Psychiatric Crisis: Nov. 23, 2009: New York City

Please join INTAR for our 5th annual conference on November 23rd at New York University’s Kimmel Center — Rethinking Psychiatric Crisis: alternative responses to “first breaks.”
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Conference Presenters Include:

Robert Whittaker, author of Mad in America
Jan Wallcraft, co-editor of the Handbook of Service User Involvement in Mental Health Research
Jaakko Seikkula, Professor of Psychotherapy in Norway and Finland; co-developer, Open Dialogue approach to family and network therapy in psychosis
Alma Menn, former Co-Director of Soteria House
Sue Estroff, author of Making It Crazy: An Ethnography of Psychiatric Clients in an American Community
Kim Hopper, co-editor of Recovery from Schizophrenia: An International Perspective and author of Reckoning with Homelessness
Ken Thompson, Associate Director of the Center for Mental Health Services, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Key Note :  Why do we need Alternatives? Will Hall

Discussant: Sue Estroff

Plenaries: Introduction to Key Alternatives

*Soteria , Open Dialogue,Survivor/Peer Driven Alternatives
*  How do we know these alternatives are safe and helpful?”

Closing Panel: Alternatives, Capabilities and System Transformation
Robert Whittaker, Andy Blanch, Ron Bassman, Ken Thompson
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First Break and Crisis Alternatives, UK
Family Involvement and Self Determination
Crisis Residential Alternatives, USA
Trauma of First Break and Traditional Interventions
Medication and  First Break
What is happening to young people?: Critical Look at Prevention Programs
Advocating for Alternatives in the Age of Health Care Reform

MultiMedia Show, Madigan Shive
Speak Out, Lauren Tenney

A HALF PRICE discount is offered to staff members of public and non-profit mental health services, including hospitals, crisis teams, emergency services, mental health clinics, self-help and family outreach programs. In addition, as long as there is room available, we are offering TWO-FOR-ONE ADMISSIONS to all others.

If you want to register for the HALF PRICE DISCOUNT, please send a check for $90 with a copy of your work ID to Karen Rosenthal at Community Access (see below)
For the TWO FOR ONE option, please send a check for $ 180 along with a note indicating the names of the two attendees. No refunds are possible after November 19, 2009. Your checks must arrive prior to November 19, 2009 to be processed and made out to CAI – INTAR Conference.
Karen Rosenthal, Director of Training
Community Access
2 Washington Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY, 10004
Phone: 212.780.1400 x7790

The annual conference is being held in in collaboration with the Center to Study Recovery in Social Contexts, and with additional support from Community Access, The Empowerment Center and Mental Disability Rights International.